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Our phone number (47376)
Equipment Production for oil producing, petrochemical, oil-and-gas refining,
chemical, oil recycling, metallurgy
, and other industries.


Equipment and supply orders:

BorMash design and manufacture both standard units and custom designs to meet individual requirements of our customers. Designs and technical documentations are developed by our specialists in accordance with customers' specifications, industry standards, and technical requirements for a particular item.

If you are interested in our products, please fill out a "Questionnaire."
To fill out questionnaires download the corresponding files (Microsoft Word):

The questionnaire for air cooler (rtf, 343Kb) Download

The questionnaire for heat exchanger (rtf, 347KB) Download

The questionnaire for container equipment (rtf, 401KB) Download

Please fax completed and signed by the responsible person questionnaire at

8(47376) 4-36-56

or if you have any questions phone us at:

8(47376) 3-20-01
8(47376) 3-20-02
8(47376) 3-20-03
8(47376) 3-20-04